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Bristol & District Commercial House Skittles League

Founded 1927

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1a The League shall be called 'The Bristol and District Commercial House League", teams not affiliated to Commercial Houses may apply, and its objective shall be to promote the interests of indoor games among employees of Commercial Houses in and around the City of Bnstol

1b The League shall be governed by a Council, consisting of:

i An Executive Committee comprising of:-

Honorary Secretary
Honorary Treasurer
Elected Life Members

Eight other Representatives.

The number of these Representatives shall not exceed two representatives from each Division within the League (currently four) No more than one of these Representatives may be elected from any one team.
ii Additionally one Representative from each team forming the League

1c One-quarter of the total number of the Council shall be required to form a quorum.
1d The financial year of the League shall end on the 30th day of April in each year:
1e The Council of the League shall meet at least four times a year, one meeting of which shall be called the Annual General Meeting.
1f Voting at Executive Meetings This right shall be extended to all elected members and officers, but shall exclude Life Members.
1g Voting at Council Meetings: This right shall be extended to all teams represented at a meeting on the basis of one vote per team in attendance. Additionally each Life Member shall be allowed one vote.
1h The Chairman of any meeting shall have a second or casting vote.

Annual General Meetings:

2a The Annual General Meeting shall be held at the earliest date after the conclusion of the playing season The Honorary Secretary shall give all teams 14 days notice of its date and venue, and the Honorary Treasurer shall give a copy of the Leagues audited accounts to all teams represented at the AGM.

2b The business of the AGM shall include:

i The receipt and consideration of the accounts and all business of the League.

ii The election of an Executive Committee, who shall retire at the AGM but are eligible for re-election.

iii The election of two Auditors, who shall retire annually but are eligible for re-election.

Honorary Life Members:

3a The Council of the League may at the AGM elect any member who has given long meritous service to the League and is, in the opinion of the Council worthy of the honour of Honorary Life Member.

3b Any person so elected shall be entitled to sit as a member of the Council with full voting powers - and may attend all Executive Committee meetings but without voting powers.

3c The number of Honorary Life Members shall at no time exceed seven

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